Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The next president.

Last night I parked it in front of the TV with a glass of wine and Sgt. on the phone to watch the election coverage in real time together.

Hopeful and with constant commentary, we watched polls roll in. We discussed with slight sarcasm in our voice the things we disagreed with. With nervousness in our voices we watched Florida and Virginia go back and forth.

As the California polls closed and President elect Obama's name lit up on the screen we had already begun discussing this weekend. The election was over for us. Nothing we could do anymore. We voted... a privilege fought for and maintained by the many men and women in our country who selflessly serve and have served for over 200 years... and that was all we could do.

Am I disappointed in the loss of the campaign of my choice? Yes, absolutely, and I am weary and nervous of President elect Obama's ability to do all he says. I may disagree, and I may believe certain decisions, policies, and choices would be better off made another way, but whats done is done.

I watched both the acceptance and concession speeches today, and I must say, that despite my disagreements, the desire for America to continue to be great and to rise up to her potential seemed to be a common ground we can all find.

And lastly, how great it is to live in a country where I can openly express my disappointment in the choice of our nations next president without fear. I can respect and even listen to someone with a different opinion, we can discuss it, and now we can move on.

The bottom line is I believe what I believe, but I am not so close minded as to think there is absolutely no other way. Maybe he is what we need, and maybe he's a mistake, but the great thing about this country is we get a chance to find out and we can choose differently in the future if we'd like. He is my president, and he is my boyfriends new boss, and I do believe he deserves the respect that at least those two positions warrant him.

Here's to the next four years! And a congratulations to Senator Obama's daughters, who get a new puppy to take along to the white house :)