Thursday, November 6, 2008

and there's more!

The fabulous Becca and wonderful J.L.S. both tagged me for another award in the blogosphere! I totally geek out over things like this and am probably a little more excited than a normal person should be :) but hey. Thank y'all so much!!

**Their blogs are totally awesome, and are linked through their name but sometimes my font color doesn't show it's a link so I wanted to make sure you knew!**

And I'm sending this gem along to Casey at Ever Changing Life of a Military Wife! Her blogs never cease to make me laugh, she's a teacher... which is something I would love to get back to, and she's always asking people to delurk... of which I am doing... now. :) I don't want to tag too many people as this is a small blog world but please trust that if your blog is over there on my left hand side bar... I really think you're a super scribbler and I LOVE your blog!

In other news... is this day ever going to end... I just want it to be Friday!!



Hi Ive just come across your blog and i totally love it. ive spent the last few hours reading all the past posts.. i was in tears, im so glad you and sgt worked through everything. i hope you continue posting.


Awwww thanks so much! Thanks for delurking too! You know how much I beg people to do that. Ha!

I am enjoying reading your blog. I am catching up on the relationship drama. I went through the same thing in high school and college with a guy. Breaks suck. But, then I found a guy who never wanted a break, and who I never wanted a break from! :)