Monday, November 17, 2008

Can Not DO IT

I can't. I can't form a well written, thought out post right now if my life depended on it. I want to blog, and I keep starting, but it's like 10 different subjects that only have about two sentences of elaboration available - and that doesn't make for an interesting post. Then I thought, ya know what, I'm just going to ramble and if I end up with bullet points, that's what I end up with.

Ok, here goes, bullet points -

  • Sgt. got back in last night from his FTX. We were able to text a couple of times while he was away but the majority of it was no contact, which surprisingly, didn't feel all that weird. Its times like that which make me wonder a couple of things: 1. Maybe we are supposed to be together if this is the sort of life he plans on having and I am able to deal with it so well. and 2. What the hell is wrong with me/us that a weekend of limited contact while my boyfriend is away at an Army post doing land nav courses feels NORMAL? It was really nice to finally get to talk to him for a little bit last night though. I had to go back to work (which we'll get to in a moment) and he was about ready to crash but hearing his voice after any time away always makes me happy :).
  • I got a second job. I fiddled around with the idea for a while. Technically I was surviving off of my one paycheck but that was basically it... surviving and with the holidays rolling around, the desire to visit Sgt. more often, and seriously SERIOUSLY wanting to go back to school, I needed to start making extra cash. Granted the job is not glorious, and it doesn't pay the big bucks, but it's extra income so I'm not too proud to flip burgers and fry fries if that's what it takes. Yes, that is what I'm doing by the way. I had to do something that would allow me to work nights but give me enough hours to make it worth my while of driving into town. I did apply for waitressing jobs around here but no one was hiring so - fast food it is.
  • I seriously need to do some Christmas shopping. I've gotten... ohh... none of it done! Lindsay put a bug in my ear about going to the San Marcos Outlet malls and I think it sounds like a FABULOUS idea :). Maybe Wednesday before Thanksgiving... I'm not one of those day after kinds of shoppers. I love to shop, but I get much too frustrated when there are so many people.
  • I feel very indifferent today and I'm not sure why. I don't like it.
  • I am in dire need of some new fall/winter clothes. We're talking close toed shoes, and sweaters. I have a VERY limited amount to my name and I'm not sure where exactly everything went but when the cold actually does hit (and it will, the last couple of days have been chilly with a nice cold front that blew in) I will be miserable.
  • After reading Loqui and Sara's posts about CrossFit - I'm seriously considering it. Any tips? There isn't a gym in the area that has a class so I'd have to do it on my own....
  • Everyone is having babies. EV-ER-Y-ONE. Real world and blog world I know over 10 couples. Now, I wouldn't say I have baby fever because I most certainly do not. I do not want any babies of my own right now. Not even a hint of longing... but it does create one of those "awww... name? boy or girl? colors? when are you due? that's so exciting!" type of feelings. And it sort of makes me miss the talk of progression in our relationship. Like I said, not that I want babies right now... or that I'm even ready to be married right now... I just miss the outlook of the future with him I guess. Blah, nostalgia.
  • I need a new camera. I'm definitely not in the fancy interchangeable lenses club.... don't get me wrong, I wish I was! But I'm just not that skilled or willing to spend the money. SO... for those of you who own a point and shoot digital camera... I'm interested in getting one that will be a good buy. Something that will take great pictures, has some options with the type of pictures it will take, and is just an all around great deal! I'm looking for something between $150 - $220... so if you have any recommendations, let me know!
  • I recently got a sitemeter and my new favorite thing to look at is where everyone comes here from! Except... now I'm freaking myself out... WHO ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE GETTING HERE FROM FACEBOOK!? My blog is not posted on my facebook. Does this mean someone else has my blog posted on theirs? Or does it just mean they were at facebook and then came here? WHO ARE YOU? And since I seem to have many more visitors than commentors, please say hi! I like seeing who you are, reading your blog, or just generally getting hello's if you enjoyed it!

Ok, I suppose that's it for now... like I said, ramblings all over the place! Hope everyone has a great week!



If you happen to want to go to San Marcos next weekend, Saturday perhaps, let me know! I really need to get back out there to do some Christmas shopping and I want to avoid the holiday rush.

And as for the 2nd job, a pay check is a pay check. Which means more money! Good for you!

As for the picture on my sidebar:
Maybe the next time Sgt. is in town we can have a little photo shoot. I always need more practice!


Hey! Even if it's bullet points it's good to know what's going on in your life. I feel like I'm always not knowing what to write...bloggers block or something.


I read all your bullets, so don't worry, they are effective.

Please have fun in San Marcos for me. That place is like Mecca. Seriously. When I went to SWT, I went to that place once a week!


It's so nice to hear someone else not stressing about getting married! I did it for a while, but we're totally not ready yet, and I am so glad to hear that Ranger Man and I aren't the only ones who are sticking with boyfriend/girlfriend for a while! Thanks!


I have been CFing by myself--it's not too bad once you get over the face that you might look like a crazy person while working out! If I have any questions I ask my hubby or his friends on techniques.

Anyway, I love it! The hubby and I look at the workouts together the night before.

And um, I love the San Marcos outlets! Have fun!


I can help you get started with crossfit. Send me an email ask questions. If you don't know what questions to ask, that's fine too. Email is

I've decided I'm not really going to buy christmas presents this year. Unfortunately, I just can't justify it with the $1500 move, appendectomy and losing my job. I decided to bake a whole slew of fabulous cookies instead. I wish I had enjoyed the outlet stores they built in Houston, 10 freaking minutes from my old place!


I have sitemeter too and check it out for random people... today I had someone from Washington, DC on for a bit which really makes me wonder since it's not the first time they've been on. There's also someone that checks my blog nearly everyday, and the weird thing about that is they live like 20 minutes from Dover. Why not say hello?! I wonder...


I don't comment very often, so I wanted to say hello!
I liked the bullet points. They were very effective.
I can help you about the camera thing. My point and shoot just broke so I'm getting a new one, and I've done tons of research. I had a Kodak easy Share V-series, which I really liked, but i won't be getting a new one because I'm not going to spend $200 and have it break on me again. The top rated sub compact digital cameras right now are the Sony Cybershot and the Canon Powershot. The Sony is too expensive for me, so I'm not getting it. The Canon Powershot has stayed on the top of the list for years. I considered getting one a couple years ago, but got a Kodak instead. I'm getting the Canon Powershot SD 1100 and it's about $200. Wal-mart sells it for less. If you want to spend a little more, I would get Pentax Optio Z10. It's $200 on Walmart's website. Pentax has some cool features, but I'm going with the Canon because it has great reviews. If you want to know more about each camera let me know. I could go on and on and this subject, but this comment is already insanely long :)


hello! I'm one of your visitors that has never commented. I come by way of Loqui.

And I second the San Marcos idea. That place is awesome!

New Girl on Post

If you go to the outlets I'll be very jealous.

1. Because you get to hang out with the faboulous Lindsay.

2. I just really want to go outlet shopping.


Christmas for us this year is gonna be a tight one. I think I'm going to bake/cook gifts this year. I'll make chocolate ocvered cherries, peppermint bark, truffles, peanut brittle and eclairs. That should take care of pretty much everyone.

I'm a sitemeter junky too. I love seeing where people are from. I think its funny also when people are looking up something on google and even though their search has nothing to do with my blog, they still end up there somehow.