Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Let's talk Christmas

I know, it's a week before Thanksgiving still but I'm ready so I will be unapologetic!

1. This weekend I'm going to start decorating my place for the holidays :). I don't think I'll finish it all, but I plan on getting the lights put up and pulling out the decorations... hopefully I'll be able to post some pictures! I'm trying to think of themes for this year. Most of the stuff I have is pretty versatile and reusable for any theme. I saw a neat country/rustic type of theme that I really liked. Also, I was thinking of a red/gold/silver. Any other suggestions for themes?

2. I was thinking of gifts today and finally have a few that I think are actual good ideas. There are a couple of tweens and teens that I was thinking of getting monogrammed totes for and then putting in random fun stuff that's not too pricey. Like baked goods.... maybe some bath and bodyworks stuff... some cool jewelry... a good book, etc. Anyone have any good recommendations for monogrammed totes at reasonable prices? Then there is the question of Sgt.'s family that we're going to visit over Christmas. I've been thinking really hard about a gift for his Step-mom. She's opening up her home, to a girl she's never met, and at Christmas time none the less! I don't want to just get her a candle and call it a day... that seems too thoughtless for this occasion. On top of that, she's about the only family member of Sgt.'s that I'm nervous about meeting. Sgt. has mentioned on more than one occasion that we're very different and while I tend to believe I can get along with just about anyone... it's important to me that I don't leave her a bad impression of a southern girl who gossips, needs to be taken care of, and is fake. (I really don't think I give off that impression but like I said, nervous.) SO... my grand idea is this: Sgt. is, among many other things, an avid picture taker. Maybe photographer is the right word... hmm... anyway... he likes taking pictures and he's great at it! Really, he's taken some very beautiful pictures of places while in Germany and Europe. Sooo I was thinking that I could get a couple of the pictures that I really like, of things like pretty architecture or landscape, and get them matted and framed and put a small title underneath the picture like his name, the location and year the photo was taken. She could hang them up... and they have sentimental value. What do you guys think? Have any other ideas?? I may give that idea to Sgt. if someone gives me something else that's good since he's not entirely sold on any gift idea yet either (although he did like that one.)... Third on the list is Sgt.'s brother. Short stats are Marine, 21, single, generally good/laid back style, intelligent. I don't really know a lot about his interests, and I've done some stalking searching on his myspace to see if I could get any hint of an idea but I'm still coming up short. Any ideas? What's something like Marine cool? Maybe I could get him something Marine cool.... God, I sound like such a geek.

3. For a lot of people, this year will consist of baked goods in pretty wrapping. I've been looking around for some good holiday dessert recipes.... things that will hold up, cookies, fudge, etc... but haven't found anything that just strikes me so...... I know you have them :). Anyone care to point me in the right direction or give me some ideas? No fruit cakes, everything else is fair game!

I love the holidays!! The little town I live in is doing it's annual downtown lighting this Saturday and I'm going with a couple of friends from college. I'm excited. They do caroling and there is a small parade (we're talking 30 floats, most of which are boyscout troops, churches, and local rotary clubs) and then VOILA the courthouse and all the street corners are lit with fun and pretty lights :) Don't worry though, I haven't broken out the Christmas music.... yet.



LL Bean has really great totes. I think they are a good price. They are the most sturdy bag I've ever seen. I swear I don't think I could destroy one! :) They also have all different sizes!

I'm glad someone else is already in the Christmas spirit! I've already pulled out a couple of Christmas movies and I have to admit, I listened to Christmas music the other day. In my defense, I don't really have the place of my own to decorate, so I rely on movies and music to satisfy my Christmas cravings!


I make fudge and peppermint bark every year! The fudge recipe I use is on the back of the marshmallow creme jars. Sooo good--and addicting!

And...since you're in Texas, you can make my favorite Texas treat, Longhorns! (And obvi since you are a fellow alum!) Lamme's Candies makes my favorite Longhorns.


I am so ready too! I actually keep my Christmas CD's out at all times. I just love them. I think I'll go play Frank Sinatra's Christmas CD right now and drink hot chocolate. It's finally getting cold! I had to wear my jacket the afternoon.


So what was your first workout? Seriously, I'd love to read how you're faring with the workouts. And that whole pride from finishing? Yeah that never goes away