Monday, November 10, 2008

Great, GREAT weekend!

Well, got back in last night around 6:45 - 7:00 pm (honestly, I can't remember). I beat Sgt. home - we were texting each other the last hour or so updating where we were... I was sure he was going to beat me back to his house due to traffic on I35 but I came out victorious! Honestly, he really should have won, but I live in the boonies, therefore have less traffic lights than he does, and to top it off, his drive WAS about 20 miles longer than mine so overall, he made better time. I guess it's the little things we do to keep ourselves entertained :)

Friday I headed out of work around 1:00 and made a quick stop at wal-mart for a cheap pair of sunglasses. Heading back out after my under 10 min. shopping adventure, I can't find my keys. DAMN.... yep, there they are... locked in the car. It added about a 40 min lag in my trip but I pressed on! Next stop was San Antonio, Got there around 3:00 and met up with Lindsay for a late lunch, that turned out about an hour later than I had planned for us, but she's a trooper and thankfully didn't say "to hell with you, I'm going to eat!" :) Which is just another reason I think she's awesome! After lunch I hit the road, next stop, Texarkana! (ok, really, the next stop was a bathroom and probably a gas station... but you get the idea)

The short version is I hit rush hour traffic in Austin, and it took me nearly two hours to go about 60 miles. (town right before Austin to a town right outside of Austin) - like I said, I35 is an experience.

I continued to hit pockets of congestion along the highway but was determined to get there. After missing an exit in Waco, and almost getting lost in Dallas I was finally on the last stretch of highway, I30, to Texarkana. I got there around 11:30 and Sgt. arrived about 45 min. later :)

I heard him fiddling with the key in the door and immediately sat up excited. As soon as he came in, he let his bags sink to the floor and wrapped me up in the biggest hug. After some kisses and "I'm so glad you're here!"'s, he took a step back and made me smile BIG with what he did next.

He walked over to the clock on the night stand and turned it around, so we were unable to see it. He took his phone out and turned it off. He took his watch off and sat it on the dresser face down. No time, other than the time we had with each other. No other disturbances or need to constantly find out how much time we had left... just time together.

It was a fantastic weekend and, like every moment I get to spend with him, I am in awe of how much I love him.

We talked and laughed and goofed off together. He studied and I quizzed him on government terms for his test this morning. We watched a movie together. We drove around Texarkana and made fun of the lady driving down a one way street (because in a different scenario that could have likely been me). We went to a burger joint in town that my friend recommended, appropriately named TLC (I thought it was cute) - and WOW, was it good!! Not even kidding, I tend to think a burger is a burger but this was NOT just another burger. (ok, enough about the food... oh and their fries were awesome!) We went to marble slab and got ice cream. (It seems as though we ate a lot). We took pictures together, and got some really great ones! The kind that you look at and it just makes you smile, no matter who it's of? Those kinds. He took me out to dinner and we celebrated our belated anniversary. :) We just enjoyed being together. He brought me coffee and picked up breakfast to bring me in bed. He took care of me and loved me and we had FUN together. It was a much needed and deserved weekend for us both. I'm still smiling thinking about it!

His next visit will be over Thanksgiving so about another two and a half weeks. I can't wait to see him again and I already miss him, but I'm incredibly grateful we were able to get away together for a couple of days. Truth be told... it wasn't long ago when I hadn't seen him in over a year, so a few weeks here and there is definitely doable! With all the ups and in betweens that we've been through and will likely experience in the future, it's safe to say that he is by far, the only person I want or could imagine doing them all with!

My bed felt a little colder and a little emptier last night but my heart was definitely full. Overall, that's not a bad place to be :).