Thursday, October 9, 2008

One more day

We made it through one more! :) Progress is progress right? Yesterday we didn't even growl at each other so I think that's a sign of moving things in the right direction.

Maybe I'm thinking about things too much... but I'm trying to remember every little thing (the good) so I can appreciate the effort we're both making at the healing process.

Yesterday during the day the text message issue was about the same. When we're apart he will give me a call or two throughout the day, and he'll respond to my "I love you's" via text... and now it's not happening right now. Maybe it's because he's not noticing it, and because he just saw me this morning... maybe he isn't in the mood but whatever the reason, I'm trying to not put too much stock into it.

When Sgt. came home yesterday we took a nap together and after our nap and subsequent slapping of the snooze button until 20 min. after our original wake up time, we got up. It was almost five and he said he was hungry so I offered to go ahead and start dinner, he was very appreciative and complimentary which made me happy. We ended up eating around 5:30/5:45 and after that we vegged on the couch together and watched some TV. We cuddled and goofed off and laughed together and it was great! He went to the store and brought me home chocolate, even though I said I didn't need anything when he asked. He made me coffee after dinner (we're big coffee drinkers) and even offered to make more when the last cup I had was only half full. More cuddling on the couch and watching TV, then we both took a shower and talked about a tattoo he wants, and looked up some stuff online together. I folded all our laundry and we talked about renting a movie this weekend. Simple things, nothing too exciting. Then we went to bed.

Not that you're interested in the small every little detail happening of our day, but it's important for me to remember them. To know and to see my own thoughts, that we're both making an effort at finding a balance together. That we're both being affectionate and considerate. Not just HIM but me too... I want to make sure that I'm not closing him off or being unloving because I'm feeling a little "wounded" (I guess is the right word).

This morning he woke up at 4:00 to start getting ready for PT, and for his long day. (He won't be home till about 7:00 and I'm sure will be exhausted) I get up with him.... but usually in the last 15 min. or so... which works for us because we get to say goodbye but I'm not standing around in his way while he's getting all his stuff ready. I did notice though that while I was sleeping (ok, half asleep), he came into the room and he walked over to the bed and kissed me on the forehead, then pulled the covers up to my shoulders (I'm often cold). I don't know if he noticed I was slightly awake, or if he just thought I was cold, but it was a very sweet gesture and is one of the many many reasons I love him so much.

So, a good day all around yesterday. Today I'll be alone much of the day. Still no call backs for jobs, even though the interviews went so well! Grrrr.... I'll keep at it though. Thinking of going around and just applying anywhere with a now hiring sign today. Have to keep myself occupied until 7 at least! Have a great day everyone :).



It definitely sounds like you're making progress. I think it's normal for women to over analyze things-I know that I do when it comes to my relationship. I think you're doing a great job staying focused on the simple, sweet, day to day behavior. Hang it there! And good luck on the job search.