Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Woah... chills

He just texted me.

"Listen, I know we're not talking... but I couldn't go through THIS day without saying I hope you're doing ok. Take care"

I immediately hit reply and said

"I'm not, I freaking hate this. But I hope you're doing ok too."

But when I went to hit send I didn't have signal and it wouldn't go through... so I wasn't able to send it and took that as a sign. I didn't reply, but god I wanted to. Still want to.

Hurry up 5:00pm so I can distract myself with pedicures!!



I'm glad you couldn't send it. It's not fair for Sgt to be able to have it any way he wants. You've asked him to do the 2 weeks thing because he wanted to do the break thing. He needs to live in the reality of what he says he wanted, and you were smart to want to do something like that.

And like you said in one of your earlier posts, I can't remember exactly how you said it, but I'm totally confessing to being on "your side", and I just want you to do what's best for you. God these things are hard. *big huge hugs*


I agree with Loqui. This is one scenario where you just can't have your cake and eat it too.

You let me know, I'm free any evening from now until next Tuesday. How far are you from San Antonio? I can always meet you somewhere halfway!


You're doing great on staying strong! Loquita is right. You guys agreed on 2 weeks and you should stick it out otherwise this is all for naught (I think that's the right word and spelling). I'm hoping that things work out for the best for the two of you and sometimes a break is the right thing.

Jrzy Army Wife

I was behind but now I'm all caught up with your life. I'm so sorry things went this way. The hub and I went through the same thing before we were married.

When he came back from Iraq the first time things were pretty good the first few months. He was here in hawaii and I was back in the jersey. Then he slowly started to get distant and the calls got less and less. Like talking to me was a huge effort.

Finally the oppurtunity came up for me to transfer to Hawaii. When I called him and told him, he got all like " i dont know if thats a good idea, what if things dont work, you moved here for nothing. blah blah blah." I said "why are we together.. if you dont want to see this through" i got the typical i love you I dont wanna break up. Well I turned the tables and told him that if he didnt want to be with me and didnt have the balls to break up with me.. I'd do it for both of us. I wasnt going to wait around while he couldnt decide if I was "the one". After 9 years of knowing each other at this point you know or your dont. We didnt talk for a few days and the phone calls were few and far between. By the end of the month I had started seeing someone else.Wasn't serious just someone to pass the time with to make the break up less lonely. When I told him I had started seeing someone he realized that I might really be gone, he smartened up. By my birthday he was all like... you shouldn't have made us break up. 6 months after that we were married.

My advice is( you asked for advice like 10 days ago but like I said I'm a little behind) you just have to see how things play out and sometimes you have to force your hand to see whats meant to be. He has to see what he is really losing before he realizes he may lose it forever.

Sorry I wrote a book, hope it helped.