Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Witty huh.

Well, today would've been Sgt's and my anniversary. Nice huh? Safe to say I pictured this day going much differently. This morning while unlocking the door to work a cockroach fell on my arm. No, you can't make this up. I suppose in a weird way that was sort of icing on the cake huh? Never mind the fact that the incident of a cockroach making contact with my body even on a PERFECT day would cause me to freak out... the fact that it had to happen on the day where I would've much rather just gone without... would've rather skipped the entire Wednesday and gone straight on to Thursday... a day where my emotions are shaky at best - just wasn't a good idea, Universe.

I guess it was God's way of saying "KJ... I'm telling you... don't worry... things can ALWAYS get worse." I mean really, I was thinking to myself when I couldn't sleep last night "Today is going to be horrible. I am apart and not speaking to the love of my life, the one person I want to talk to more than anything. And it's not like he's deployed, no, he's in Tennessee with full talking capabilities, we're just broken up. And being broken up on your anniversary is just about the worst way to celebrate it. Yep. Today couldn't possibly get any worse" - and then, a cockroach falls on my arm. Great. You can laugh here.... it almost is humorous, hell, I'd probably be laughing too if I remembered how.



I'm thinking you need a margarita and retail therapy.

You pick the place, I'll pick up the margaritas.